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Mouse house Tours, Inc. supports equal housing opportunity. If you feel that you have been discriminated against then please report it here.

Associate Benefits
A powerful marketing and sales tool

How would you like to have more traffic visit your web site? That's our top
prioity for our associates. We bring qualified leads to your doorstep by
helping you market your properties. We've seen time and again how marketing
the properties attached to an agent is the most effective way to market a
real estate agent. After all, the majority of real estate searchers are
looking for properties, not agents. When they find a property then they find
the agent selling that property--you.

Mouse House Tours is a tool in your sales tool box to do just that. We have
partnered with Real Estate Directories, Mortgage Banks and Internet
Marketing Specialists to empower you, and to give you the best deals along
with a larger range of marketing exposure

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Volume is the Key
Marketing yourself should not be singular

There is only one of you, but the properties attached to you may be many. As a Mouse House Associate, you are able to use the volume of your listings to promote yourself. And you have the tools to promote your personal web site.

The key to a Mouse House Tour is its search engine friendliness. Your tours will rank in state and city specific searches in all the major search engines.

For example, when someone searches in Yahoo! for "house for sale in warren michigan", they will see a Mouse House Tour belonging to one of our associates. That’s powerful! That’s Plural Marketing!

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The MLS Failure
Invisible to the search engines

MLS listings are limited in the exposure that they bring to you. Did you know that MLS listings do not show up in the major search engines? This is because they are not search engine friendly. To see MLS results, you have to do a search inside of a real estate agent's site. But chances are, that agent’s site won’t show up in the search engines either, so how can interested buyers find it?

The reason MLS listings don’t show in search engines is that it’s necessary for a form to be filled out to index the contents of an MSL tour. And besides this, any certified Realtor® can sell your listings "as is" in MLS.

For the price of an MLS listing, don't you think you should have a larger range of exposure and more control over who sells it?

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The Mouse House Tour Associate Plan
We solve all your marketing problems

Associate Features:

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Web site Exposure
The virtual home tours you build will link directly to your personal web site. Your tours then become a door to your own personal site. You also gain the benefit of being listed in (more info). Remember our goal is to bring traffic to you through us.

Unlimited Home Tours
There is no limit to the amount of tours you may build in Mouse House Tours. The more virtual home tours you build, the greater your exposure. And the greater your sales potential.

You can add all your listings and manage them through your own easy-to-use Associate Control Panel. Once you log in, click "add tour" to start a new tour from scratch. Or click "edit tour" to edit existing tours. All your tours will be displayed on one screen for your convenience.

Full Virtual Home Tour Control on One Page

Search Engine Exposure
All your virtual home tours created through Mouse House Tours are search engine friendly, unlike other tours. The second you complete your tour and post it "online", it appears in our listings directory and in our search page. These allow the search engines to easily find your tour and add it to their indices.

Note: The more descriptive your tour, the better it does in the search engines! If you want to see a virtual home tour that receives a lot of search engine traffic, use this as an example.

Personalized Searches
 Mouse House Tours already gets tons of qualified buyers visiting our site, so you benefit from our already established traffic. When visitors reach our site, many search only the tours of a specific Mouse House Associate. That means interested home buyers can choose to have all your real estate listings displayed in front of them. (So it’s a good idea to have as many listings as possible set up for tours) Here’s a sample personalized search field:

Tours on Your Own Site - If you have your own website, a personal API tool allows you to add your virtual home tours. This can bring more customers directly to your site through search engines. Featuring virtual home tours on your own site will make also make your site more dynamic and exciting. People will be more likely to come back often looking for new tours.

The tours will appear as part of your site but powered by the Mouse House Tours database and functionality. So you don’t need technical skills to make your web site a truly fantastic, lead-generating powerhouse.

Unlimited Photos
There are no limitations in size when it comes to your tours. You can take a picture of every room in a house and have it up online the same day if you want. We keep it simple for you. And it’s also simple for people who view your tours. Other sites that offer home tours can make you wait for days just to give you a fancy tour gadget that people have to learn how to use before they can even view your homes for sale. Who has the patience for that? You don't need any special plug ins to view a Mouse House Tour. So build them big and build them better!

Unlimited Descriptions
Search engines feed off the details you include in your virtual home tours. The more descriptive you are about the house, rooms, community, city, state and local area, the more powerful your tour becomes. So write to your heart’s content.

Of course not every prospect is going to sit down and read every description you write, but search engines love rich, descriptive, unique content. And the more specific you are, the more targeted your tours will be to people who are searching for just what you’re offering. The more details you provide, the closer you move your real estate toward a sale. The biggest missed opportunity for virtual home tour builders is not writing enough!

Real Estate Directory Listing
Mouse House Tours has partnered with to provide our associates with another form of internet exposure. Here is what you can expect from an Listing

1.      Listing Control
Unlike other directories, you'll have control over your listings including description, title and keywords. (Details are subject to change.)

2.      Registration and Agent Control panel
As a Mouse House Associate you are instantly registered to Agent-Pro. You'll be able to submit as many listings (personal web sites) as you would like. From the control panel, you'll be able to edit the listing and add articles and a personal profile to the listing.

This brings us into the really, really cool perks…

3.      Articles
Once you've submitted your URL and it's approved, you'll be able to attach articles to your listing. For example, see this result here: scottsdale subcategory. You'll notice a button that says "view articles" to the right of the URL. If you click that, you'll go to a library of articles written by our Scottsdale realtor about his area.

Your articles help potential buyers learn more about the area. A good example of articles would be information about schools, universities, restaurants, entertainment, a list of things to do, etc. The more you include, the more likely a prospect is to consider your home and properties. They are building a relationship with you through reading your articles.

4.      Agent Profile
We recommend you submit a profile and attach it to your listings. This builds credibility and helps prospective buyers get to know you so they’ll feel more comfortable doing business with you.

5.      Agent Tours
You can attach your Mouse House Tours directly to your Agent-Pro listings. These attachments are very powerful. Putting all your tours at a potential buyer’s fingertips without having to do another search will bring you maximum exposure.

6.      Article rank
Google uses PageRank and Yahoo uses WebRank to score web sites and their pages. ArticleRank uses profiles and articles to score pages. Sites that contain the most information will be more prominent. Here’s how it works:

  • Listing prominence
    If you have articles attached to your listing, your site will be at the top of the page. If you have 5 articles about your area and a competing listing has 4, you'll be on top. So submit all the articles you can to get noticed before others.
  • Search prominence
    Agent-Pro's search algorithm gives a hefty boost to sites that have articles attached to them. The more articles, the bigger the boost. Of course this algorithm is going to score sites based on a lot of different elements, but it is very much worth your while to add articles to the listing.

    These factors provide you with incredible opportunity, because they also give the end user more value. A site featuring more articles will be more useful to a person looking for real estate and/or a realtor® in a specific area. So you’ll not only satisfy their need for information, but they’ll be more likely to want to work with you.

Contact Mouse House Tours > to find out more about getting your virtual home tours online and start selling today.



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