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Real Estate Listings | Realtor Marketing and Advertising 
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Real Estate Agents

Mortgage lenders know the value of a good working relationship with successful real estate agents and most are anxious to help those with whom they work increase their sales. A sure fire way to do just that is by paying part or all of a Mouse House Tour Associate’s fees in return for loan leads.

Since an Associate’s Mouse House Tours will enhance their search engine rankings, bringing new Internet traffic and more sales, the Sponsor gets more leads and makes more loans.

It’s a WIN-WIN arrangement.

Contact us about getting your favorite lender to sponsor you in return for loan leads.


Sponsorship Benefits

Unlimited Virtual Tours - The more tours you build, the more exposure you gain. And the more sales you’re likely to make. With unlimited possibilities, you can easily build multiple tours that amaze prospects. Make it easy for them to buy from you by providing all the information and pictures they want to see.

There’s no limit to the homes for sale and real estate you can use for your tours. The properties you advertise don't always need to be yours exclusively. As a Realtor® you have access to thousands of listings you can sell.

Many successful agents who work with us post their own tours and then add listings they access on the MLS. Some find an excellent option is to get permission from associates they work with and put up tour after tour, for maximum exposure.

Tours on Your Own Site - A Personal API tool allows you to add your virtual home tours to your own web site. This will make your site more dynamic, exciting, and search engine friendly. The tours will appear as part of your site but powered by the Mouse House Tours database and functionality. So you don’t need technical skills to make your web site a truly fantastic, lead-generating powerhouse.

MouseLink™ (Exclusive MLS Referrals)
When a visitor comes to our site looking for a real estate agent in your area, we give you exclusive rights for all MLS referrals in that specific area. Learn more >>

Web site Referrals - Mouse House Tours already enjoys heavy traffic from buyers looking for homes and real estate for sale. You are added to our Mouse House Realtor® locator for even more exposure. People looking for real estate agents locally can find you by city and state through our web site.

Other Powerful Benefits

Directory Listings - Mouse House Tours has teamed up with real estate directory. This allows us to list our associates’ sites in a real estate agent directory to bring you maximum exposure. Details...

Personal Profile - As part of our basic package you will be able to build your own personal profile with a picture of yourself. This builds your credibility and helps potential buyers feel more comfortable doing business with you.

Search Engine Exposure – You’ll have 2 advantages that help you gain high rankings so qualified prospects find you when they search online. First, your directory listing on will pass good page scores on to your site and allow search engines to find your site much easier than if it were not listed.

Second, every tour you build is completely search engine friendly. This gives you an advantage because most tours on the market are not visible to the search engines. Normally, if a buyer wants to view tours of houses for sale, they would have to stumble upon a website that provides tours. Then search around for the tour itself.

Tours created through Mouse House Tours are optimized to show up individually in the search results of all major search engines. This means your tour can show up right in front of a prospect who is looking for homes for sale like you’ve posted in your tours. And as the Premium Package lets you post your virtual home tours on your own website, your site will enjoy higher rankings, too.

Personalized Search – One of the most popular features among visitors to Mouse House Tours is our internal search engine. There are many options to help buyers narrow down the criteria of their search and find exactly what they’re looking for. They can also choose to view all tours of a selected associate. This puts all your tours right in front of interested buyers with one click.

Take advantage of your maximum sales potential today, with no cash outlay. Enjoy the benefits of our Premium Package (a value of $1788 per year!) to tap the unlimited exposure of the Internet. And offer your clients access to even more services through your sponsor.

Just fill out our sponsorship application, and potential sponsors will contact you with more details. You can choose the sponsor you want to work with. You have nothing to lose by applying.

So go ahead and apply now.

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Online buyers want virtual tours
78% of those who shop for homes online are looking for photos, detailed property descriptions and virtual tours, according to the 2003 National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.
Online realtor marketing services
Mouse House Tours offers website design and search engine optimization for realtors, as well as logo design, PPC ad campaigns and more. Learn about our marketing services for realtors >>>



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