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“Every good real estate agent now must realize the importance of real estate Internet Marketing." - Daegan Smith, Real Estate Internet Marketing is the Way to Go

That program is Mouse House Tours: the only lead generation system designed specifically to capture the fastest growing segment of your customer and client base: Internet users.

I’ll tell you why the profitability of your career hinges on reaching those Internet users in a minute - but first let me tell you who I am and why I’m so excited.

I’m Marte Cliff, former Realtor and Owner / Broker of a real estate firm. I’m excited because during my 19 years in the business, no one ever presented me with a program like this.

I’ve met dozens of sales people. And while they all told me their program would add to my bottom line, not one believed in it enough to let me try it for free. Every single one wanted to get my money and run. (Have you ever met one who didn’t?)

Mouse House Tours is offering their Basic Plan for Free right now because:

They know that once you’ve tried it, you’ll want Mouse House Tours as your silent partner for the rest of your real estate career!

Here’s the simple fact that makes Mouse House Tours work like no other lead generation system… and the reason why its creators are so confident:

The Internet has changed the way people shop…

You’ve probably done your share of shopping online… or at least researched product pricing and features.

Through the power of search engines you can find the information you want without spending valuable time going from store to store, and you can do it at any time of the day or night.

Real estate shoppers are no different.

In fact, real estate shoppers use Google, Yahoo, and other search engines even more often than other shoppers, because…

  • They don’t know who to call - and many assume that an agent they find on the Internet will be above average.
  • They think they can see everything available before they speak to an agent.
  • They want to be well informed about pricing.
  • They’re often researching across a great distance… AND
  • They want to save time.

“…Remember, the more information you provide on your property web page, the easier you make it for prospective buyers to make up their minds in advance that they WANT your house.”- B. Shelton, Real Estate Web Site Content That Sells Your House Fast!

Newcomers and locals both search for detailed information and photographs of homes for sale so they can narrow their choices before they ever meet you.

They don’t want to waste time riding all over looking at homes that won’t suit them. And that’s good news for you, because You don’t want to waste your time and gasoline acting as a tour guide.

So, it’s a very good thing that…

30,800,000 Americans now begin their home search on the Internet.

According to the latest U. S. Census Bureau reports, 40 million Americans move each year… and according to surveys taken by the National Association of Realtors, last year 77% of all home buyers began their search on the Internet.

In fact, according to NAR, 24% chose the home they purchased based on the information they found on the Internet. (That’s a 160% jump from 2004 – and it looks like it’s only going to go up each year.)

That is the speed at which real estate shopping habits are changing. And that is why you must reach your target market online with the information they demand.

Old marketing methods are faltering.

It is no longer good enough to be seen in newspapers and Homes Magazines, which are limited in both time and coverage.

Today, the resource of choice is comprehensive information found through Internet search engines.

If your home tours and website aren’t highly visible online, you’re missing 77% of your potential customers and clients!

Which brings us to the big question:

”It does little good to have a Website if no one can find it.”  - Al Kerneck, Make Your Website Visible

Will they find you?
Probably not.

Why? Because most real estate web sites and home listings are not found in the first few pages of a search. They simply aren’t optimized to rank high in the search engines.

If you have a real estate web site, you may be shocked to see it’s not listed on the first page of search results, or the second. It may not be listed until page 40, which means prospects may not find you at all.

How many pages do you click through before you quit looking?

“While many Realtors have Web sites, only 40% of respondents are able to direct maximum traffic to their site.”  - Mark Lesswing, NAR vice president of CRT, citing results of The 2005 Realtor Technology Efficiency Survey.

That’s the bad news…but
the good news far outweighs it.

You now have at your disposal an easy-to-use virtual home tour system that can help you and your listings enjoy powerful high rankings on search engines – and the Basic Plan is yours to try for free!

It’s a system guaranteed to work, even if you don’t have a web site yet!

Mouse House Tours give you the power to put YOUR listings on page one of search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.


"It’s easy to add virtual home tours for all my listings - now my site is on the first page of Google for "scottsdale homes for sale"!! I highly recommend Mouse House Tours to anyone who wants more leads from the Web.”

- Mark Mashal, Scottsdale AZ realtor


Click here to try it free or call 1-423-538-4929 to find out how Mouse House Tours can help home buyers find you on those first pages.

Mouse House Tours are automatically optimized, so your listings show up in search engines.

Instead of being buried invisibly, your real estate tours can come up when homebuyers search. Your prospects will see exactly what they’re looking for almost as soon as the results page loads.

National companies spend tens of thousands on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), because they know it is the key to being “found” on the Internet.

In fact, that’s how Mouse House Tours came into being. SEO Advantage, Inc., a search engine optimization firm known for providing guaranteed results, had several real estate clients and wanted to develop an easy-to-use system to help them optimize their web sites and get their virtual home tours in front of prospective buyers.

They made the system so user friendly that any realtor (or assistant) can easily set up an optimized Mouse House Tour in 30 minutes or less.

So now, even with no expertise in SEO or complicated web programs, you can easily stake your presence online.
…Even if you’re “computer challenged”… and even if you don’t have a website.

If you can type, browse your own files for photos, and click “OK” to upload, YOU can use this system.

That’s because everything is built into the template. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

You’ll spend less than 30 minutes entering detailed information and unlimited photographs to each of your tours. And if you get interrupted midway, your work won’t be lost. It will be there waiting for you to return and finish. Even after you’ve uploaded you can go back to edit or add more photos.

And the results are spectacular!

A Mouse House Tour is easy for you, the Realtor. More importantly, it’s easy and time-saving for your buyers because everything is there, in plain sight, with no clicking and waiting required.

Pause for a moment, and put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

For buyers, lack of information is a bigger problem than you imagine. offers bare facts that tell buyers NOTHING. The local MLS sites often tell them less than nothing. And many of the home tours offered today give only the basic facts.

“… Remember, the more information you provide on your property web page, the easier you make it for prospective buyers to make up their minds in advance that they WANT your house.”- B. Shelton, Real Estate Web Site Content That Sells Your House Fast!

As for the old methods - the newspapers and magazines - unless you spend several hundred dollars per month, per listing, all you have room to offer are bare facts. And bare facts are not good enough for today’s buyers.

So what if there are 3 bedrooms and 2 baths? As potential homebuyers, they need a lot more information than that. So… they have to call… and they don’t want to!

Even if they wanted to spend all day calling one agent after another to get more information, they don’t have the time.

When buyers can’t find the information they want to see online, they get frustrated. So make their lives easier. You’ll create loyal, satisfied customers.

Mouse House Tours are the most reader-friendly, fact-filled home tours on the web.

Do home buyers a favor. Get your first Mouse House Tour out there today and start giving buyers the information they crave… the information that will start your phone ringing with calls from excited prospects.

See for yourself: Click to see how a Mouse House Tour offers all the details a home buyer wants to see.

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And there’s something else you should consider, too…

Mouse House Tours make a powerful listing tool…

You know how real estate sellers always want to know how you’ll advertise and what you’ll do for them that’s better than what other realtors offer. Mouse House Tours are the answer.

When you add a Mouse House Tour for each of your homes for sale, you’ll have an answer that your competitors can’t match. Simply take along your laptop and show potential clients how easy it will be for buyers to find them.

As they watch, do a search for homes for sale in your town. Then watch their eyes widen when they see your tours come up in that search.

They’ll know that when they list with you their home can be the next one to show up in those results.

Of course, in passing you might mention that they aren’t seeing your competitors.

Without saying another word, you’ll rise a few notches in the eyes of those home sellers.

In short: Your web presence through Mouse House Tours will raise you head and shoulders above the listing competition.

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    Even if you didn’t have a personal web site before, you will now!

    …But this is much more than just an online profile. Mouse House Tours enjoys heavy traffic from buyers looking for homes and real estate agents. Your profile is added to our Realtor locator for even more exposure, so buyers looking for your city and state will find you easily.

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  • Your Mouse Site mini website showcasing your profile and listing.

But that’s still not all…

Even with your free Basic Plan, Mouse House Tours offers something that too many companies have forgotten about:

Customer Service.

If you have any questions or concerns, you are invited to call. In fact, founder Jim Reuning enjoys talking with Mouse House Tours clients to make sure you’re getting the most value that you possibly can.

When you’re a Mouse House Tours affiliate, you have all the support you need. Just call 1-423-538-4929 or email Mouse House Tours today and arrange a time to talk: [email protected]

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose, because:

No obligation means NO RISK.

You might have tried a “free offer” before that required you to give your credit card number to get started, cancel within a set time frame to avoid being charged, or go through a long process to discontinue the service.

But the creators of Mouse House Tours have made it super easy for you to take advantage of this valuable free offer.

Your FREE Mouse House Tours Basic Plan truly is the only offer of its kind… because if you choose not to continue, there’s no refund to chase down and nothing to cancel:

  • You don’t have to give your credit card number.
  • You don’t have to sign a contract.
  • Just activate your powerful real estate marketing tools in the Basic plan and that’s it!

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I know you have to be thinking “What’s the catch?”

But there isn’t one. The folks at Mouse House Tours want you to try this revolutionary new system because they know it works - and they know you’ll want to use Mouse House Tours more and more when you see the powerful results it brings to your bottom line. They sincerely believe in providing a superior service that pays for itself many times over.

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Mouse House Tours will supercharge your career even if you’re #7, but remember, when you’re first in your town you may qualify for the benefit of EXCLUSIVE MLS referrals for your community and a leg up on the competition.

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Marte Cliff
Real estate marketing professional and former Realtor/ Broker
Mouse House Tours, Inc.

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P.P.S. Remember, 77% of your prospective buyers are searching for you online at this very moment. Don’t hide from them any longer.

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